About OCM


Who we are:

Off-Center Magazine is made up of individuals dedicated to providing campus with accurate information, a respectful outlet, diverse subject matter, and a chance to speak your mind. We consist of article writers, editors, layout designers, artists, researchers, and of course, readers. These roles are played by a variety of people involved at CCSU: we accept submissions from students, faculty, staff, and occasionally even parents or friends of students in certain circumstances. And we are looking for readers and feedback everywhere!

What we do:

Our goal is to publish two magazines each semester. We accept submissions on a wide variety of topics, edit them, and send them back for the writer’s approval. The magazine has three sections; CCSU, to explore what’s happening on campus and the aspects of college life; General, to address things like world politics, international or local news, your life’s experiences, etc.; and Entertainment, which is pretty straightforward—movies, music, books, and so on.

Appearing in every issue are our features. We either receive submissions for these or an editor chooses the job. These include Teacher Interviews, Club Profile, Texts from Last Night, CCSU Says, Overheard in New Britain (teacher quotes), and our Games Page. We even have recurring Squirrel Stories, since everyone on campus seems to have them. There are too many great options to just print these once!

We wouldn’t be able to publish a magazine about CCSU students if we didn’t talk to them; therefore, Off-enter Magazine often has tables reserved in the front lobby of the student center to give students a chance to respond to polls, ask us questions, and give us feedback so we can publish a little bit of YOUR voice! We encourage you to take full advantage of our tables and hope to see you soon! Also come see us in our shiny, new office! Student Center 1080300 (in the media corner, by WFCS radio station and The Recorder’s office).


When and where to find us:

The best way to reach us it to come to a meeting, stop by the office, or contact us online. Our office is located in the media corner of the Student Center, number 1080300, tucked in with the NAACP, The Recorder, and WFCS Radio Station. We meet on Tuesdays at 7:15 p.m. in the 1849 Room of the Student Center. We can also be contacted online at offcentermagazine@yahoo.com.


Why we exist:

CCSU has a student-run newspaper to give you the news, and a student-run literary magazine to provide you with poetry, stories, and art. Off-Center is a publication designed to catch all the pieces that don’t fit into either of these categories. We publish non-fiction articles about the lessons YOU’VE learned, the experiences YOU’VE had, and the feedback YOU give. We believe that your voice counts, and we want to hear it.